How to install LaTeX | Instructions to download and install LaTeX using Texlive.iso

Download LaTeX

Texlive.iso and texworks

Same iso file is used to install on windows, mac, or linux systems homepage:

It can be downloaded from


Altough texworks is included in texlive, you may wanna install latest version from

Mount downloaded texlive.iso to virtual drive

On Linux, windows 8, or windows 10,
double click to mount downloaded texlive.iso image in to virtual drive.

for older versions of windows you might need virtual drive software like:

  1. wincdemu
  2. winarchiver these softwares are optional but it saves space. You may directly extract files from texlive.iso using winrar or 7-zip. And install from extracted files.


The installation process is fairly simple.

On Windows

double click on install-tl-windows.bat and installation will start from command window. Follow the installer instructions. The script will complete installation in around 20min to 60min

On Linux

double click on install-tl or right click on install-tl and select open in terminal. Follow the installer instructions.


The script will complete installation in around 20min to 60min

after installation of all packages

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click close

Now you are ready to use LaTeX. Find Texworks in installed program and run it.


Direct from internet on linux

sudo apt-get install texlive texworks

alternatively windows users may also try